For years we have been organizing the distribution of multiple brands from all over the world in the Footwear & Accessories sector. Our distribution network is structured to meet the different needs of each brand; our ability also lies in choosing the right collaborators and the right direction for each brand. The goal we set at the beginning of each project is to find for each brand its own way, and its own identity in each market, in full respect of its history.


The retail landscape is changing rapidly and it is necessary to find the most effective way to address the retailer and the end consumer. Nowadays it is of fundamental importance for every Brand to be recognizable online. The creation of an e-commerce is the first step for an online positioning, which must then be accompanied and supported by the design and creation of multimedia content in line with each brand. Intrigue, involve and be known, until obtaining a solid and recognizable Brand Identity. The support of a winning communication strategy is able to guarantee visibility and positioning, for the success of the brand.


Logistics is the core of our network, and the beating heart of good distribution. The objective is to continuously carry out the work in an efficient and fast way. We believe that the possibility to have a well organized structure, and with years of experience behind it, in this area is of primary importance to be able to guarantee to each of our customers a smooth and fruitful workflow, from the large B2B distribution to the sale through e-shop to the final consumer.